What Is Backlink Relevance?

Backlink Relevance & Your Search Rankings

The key to getting to the top of Google is to build backlinks with quality backlink relevance.

The first question you should be asking however is what exactly is backlink relevance?

The secret to top Google rankings and all the quality, targeted traffic that goes hand in hand with top rankings, is relevance. Not only is it important to create great content in the first place, that is not only unique, but well written and ‘useful’ for your visitors.

Assuming your content is good quality, your backlinks need to be relevant. This means that they need to come from other websites that have related content, themes and niche topics on them.

The more relevant, trustworthy and authoritative the sites that link to you, the more powerful the link will be.

Backlink Relevance

The relevance of each backlink is determined by two factors, firstly the subject matter of the content itself, combined with the relevance of the link placement (whether it’s within relevant content.

Secondly the category assigned to the page linking to you needs to be relevant to offer the best link possible.

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If you compare the backlink profiles of the sites ranking at the top of Google for competitive terms you want to rank for, you will see a pattern of page category relevance.

Your aim is to build links from similar category sites to your competitors, but from sites that carry good trust and authority metrics. These are the link attributes that will drive you to the top of search faster.